IS 694 (Single/Multi Core) Cables:

PVC compound insulated industrial single core flexible have a wide range of application in machine tools, appliances, house hold, control panels, machinery & various Industries of every nature.

The conductors, drawn from electrolytic Tough high Conductivity copper r with (more than 100 % Conductivity) are annealed & bunched together. The conductors are insulated with PVC compound 70 °C or 85 °C with high insulation resistance & dielectric strength and high temperature rating as per specification requirements. These PVC compounds used for insulation have FR/FR-LSH/ ZHFR property conforming to Indian standard IS 5831-84& IS 10810/ International specifications-ASTM D- 2843, ASTM D- 2863. IEC 754 part-1, IEC 332 part-II. These properties help in restricting the spread of fire as well it will emit very low levels of smoke, and nontoxic level of poisonous halogen gases (Typically under 0.5 % HCL emission in case of ZHFR)

The single core is manufactured as per IS 694-2010 in sizes from 0.5 sq. mm. to 95 sq. mm in Single core, class 2 or class 5 conductors as applicable, Voltage grade up to 1100 volts as per IS 694-2010.