Thermocouple Extension/Compensating Cables:

Solid/Stranded Alloy conductors suitable for different types of thermocouples - insulated with PVC/FR/PE/XLPE/ZHLS to form a core, Positive and negative cores twisted to form such Pairs laid up & overall sheathed with PVC/PE/LSZH. Shielding (Aluminum-Mylar taping/ Braiding/Lapping) on individual and overall or only overall shielded Insulation/Sheath, Shielded as per customer specification. Application: Thermocouple cables are used to transmit signals from the thermocouple to the control unit using conductor materials which have the same e.m.f. output as that of thermocouple unit. Standard Specification: IS-8784 , BS-1843, IEC 584-3, JIS-C-1602, DIN 43710, VDE etc.